Robert Ames - Change Ringing

Change Ringing

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Vinyl LP pressing. As a conductor, curator and arranger, Robert Ames is an important mediator between classical tradition and contemporary music "Most of the album was written and recorded between April and May 2019 in my small studio in the Peak District," explains Robert Ames. "I relied on sounds from my childhood. The echo of choirs and organs in large rooms, distant church bells, grand symphonic gestures crackling through an old car radio and competing with the soft hum and rumble of the wheels on the street and the cacophony of the orchestras slowly setting in. I resisted the temptation to use recognizable tempos and time signatures to convey a sense of timelessness. I like the idea that each track sounds like it's going on a never-ending journey and what's recorded is just a snapshot of something much longer.


Robert Ames - Change Ringing
Robert Ames - Change Ringing

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