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Red City Radio - Live At Gothic Theater

Live At Gothic Theater

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"This is the live recording of Red City Radio's 2020 album 'Paradise'. I really pushed for us to do the live show because RCR has always been a very fan engaged/accessible band, and after almost two years away (due to Covid) it was important for us to give our fans a little love - especially after 7 months of silence following the release of our new album 'Paradise'. We are spread out over North America - Oklahoma, California, and Canada - so we were at the mercy of travel restrictions or else we would have done a live stream sooner. We felt it was worth the effort and ultimately glad it was able to come together when it did - even if we were a little late to the live stream party when it officially streamed in June 2021. I always want to give our fans the very best we possibly can, and this was no exception. Especially since this would be the very first time our fans would get to hear and see us perform songs off of 'Paradise' live for the very first time. A badass venue for the backdrop, a badass lighting and sound engineer, and a phenomenal video crew - in one of our favorite cities with our biggest fanbase - Denver, CO. As far as turning the stream into a live album, it just made sense." - Garrett Dale


Red City Radio - Live At Gothic Theater
Red City Radio - Live At Gothic Theater

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