Pip Blom - Paycheck


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Limited ten inch vinyl pressing. Pip Blom is a phenomenal young indie rock band from Amsterdam that's been making waves in England, a BBC radio darling touring with Franz Ferdinand and The Breeders. Pip Blom is both the name of the band and it's leader, a dynamic 21-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist. Paycheck, the group's EP, is a roaring, attitude-laden offering that maintains their playfulness and knack for melody that's earned comparisons to Blur and Courtney Barnett. In 2017, a series of hooky singles Blom uploaded to the internet hit over a million plays, bringing a sudden burst of overseas accolades. The seven-inches sold out quickly, and El Diablo (run by Guided By Voices/Yoko Ono manager) has pressed up just 500 copies of this ten-inch. The EP is something of an older sibling to Blom's previous singles, doubling up on the infectiousness of those early hits but with a bigger crunch. Festival appearances and energetic, gripping live shows around the UK and Europe have solidified the band as a rising star in a new generation of indie guitar bands.


Pip Blom - Paycheck
Pip Blom - Paycheck

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