Ozric Tentacles - Bits Between The Bits - 140gm Vinyl

Bits Between The Bits - 140gm Vinyl

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A raggle-taggle, unpretentious assortment of punk-infused, dreadlocked hippies, since 1983, the Ozric Tentacles wove psychedelic audio-tapestries that captured the almost dangerous musical diversity of the free festival scene, blending acid rock with dub, reggae, ethnic world music & electronic, jazzy experimentation. This was the soundtrack to the herbfragranced, alternative lifestyle that wound it's way around country lanes looking for a place to set up & party, away from the psychoses of corporate life. Without any desire or need for a record label, it was the Ozric Tentacles' cassette releases that funded & supported their journey through the '80's. These simple artefacts with photocopied inserts & rainbow spray-painted labels were sold in vast quantities at festivals, on the merchandise table at Club Dog & through a mail order outlet. 1989's 'The Bits Between The Bits' was the final Ozrics cassette release & was essentially a collection of various previously unreleased recordings from '85 - '89, released whilst the band readied their 'Pungent Effulgent' album. That recording made in Wales at Dave Anderson's Demi Monde Studios, conceived & recorded almost entirely on magic mushrooms, was to commence a whole new era for the band.


Ozric Tentacles - Bits Between The Bits - 140gm Vinyl
Ozric Tentacles - Bits Between The Bits - 140gm Vinyl

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