Outshine - The Awakening

The Awakening

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Dark melancholy rock/metal band Outshine (Gothenburg, Sweden) has released 4 albums starting 2007 on independent labels, done 7 US tours between 2005-2014, toured with Paradise Lost twice in Europe 2013 & 2018 and done +300 shows world-wide. The band has had a vision of darkness and melancholy in a visual landscape with dark tunes accompanying it ever since the very start when founder, guitarist and vocalist Jimmy Boman started the band. The new album "The Awakening" (containing re-recordings and new songs) is produced by Jimmy Boman & Kenny Boufadene at Studio Meltdown, Sweden and recorded and re-recorded numerous times at Grand Recordings, Gothenburg, Sweden between 2015-2019. Final recordings at Studio Meltdown, Kungsbacka, Sweden was done in 2020. The band has a hard and dark background that has formed the band, the music, the lyrics and overall appearance. Fighting social injustice including lawsuits against Swedish tax authorities for musician rights (won in court spring 2017). The band has gone through deceptions, robberies, murder threats and trials concerning lost property. With this darker and gloomy approach to it, much more in line with their history, the band are now releasing the new album and a series of videos for "The Awakening". The sound is darker, melancholy and with more of a Sisters Of Mercy, Paradise Lost & Type O Negative feel to it with influences from 1980ties horror movie and film noir soundscapes.


Outshine - The Awakening
Outshine - The Awakening

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