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Orloge Simard - Beuvez Tousjours, Ne Mourez Jamais

Beuvez Tousjours, Ne Mourez Jamais

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Yellow and Red vinyl, gatefold + hand numbered poster. Orloge Simard continues his adventure with Beuvez tousjours, ne mourez jamais, published on April 28, 2017. Music and lyrics 100% organic, without additives or artificial colouring that would distort the non-douce reality. This album is certified aucuncadrist, without annoying compromises or sweeteners that can affect artistic freedom. Used to trips of intelligent acids where the rough psychedelic song melts into a tough delirium, Orloge Simard, with this second album, pours in the baroque excess like Louis XIV. He flies over the Kingdom of Saguene with his poetry of the Devil and his music with disjointed grooves. Optimistic, Orloge does not intend to die. This album is a clear and distinct message that life must be lived with enjoyment and excess, like a book by Rabelais, regardless of the turn. The band doesn't intend to disappoint either. Orloge delivers 14 eclectic and unrestricted songs that make us enter an unhealthy and beautiful world at the same time. Album dedicated « to our fathers and mothers, to the entire line of good drinkers, our ancestors, who, by their simple and great life, taught us what the nobility of our thirst is made of. »


Orloge Simard - Beuvez Tousjours, Ne Mourez Jamais
Orloge Simard - Beuvez Tousjours, Ne Mourez Jamais

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