New Kids on the Block - Still Kids

Still Kids

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Dive into the vibrant world of New Kids on the Block with their latest vinyl release, "Still Kids." This album, hailed as one of their strongest, expertly combines nostalgia with modern pop sensibilities. Creative director Donnie Wahlberg describes it as the group's most mature yet fun and comfortable creation to date, making it a full-circle moment for the band and their fans. The lead single "Kids" encapsulates this blend by celebrating their 40-year legacy with an '80s-inspired soundscape that feels both retrospective and fresh.

"Still Kids" showcases a diverse range of styles across its 14 tracks, from the sweet balladry of "A Love Like This" to the electro-pop dynamism of "Dance With You." Collaborations with DJ Jazzy Jeff and '80s icon Taylor Dayne add depth and cross-generational appeal, particularly on the throwback anthem "Old School Love." As the album moves towards its close with "Better Days," it reflects the band members' current lives as family men and pop legends. This new collection not only highlights their enduring charm and vocal prowess but also reaffirms New Kids on the Block's significant impact on the music world, resonating with fans new and old.


New Kids on the Block - Still Kids
New Kids on the Block - Still Kids

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