Nanowar of Steel - Dislike To False Metal

Dislike To False Metal

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Vinyl LP pressing. Nanowar of Steel - masters of parody-infused heavy metal - are ready to prove their status as one of the genre's most unconventional bands to watch. With their fifth studio album, the band traverses the multi-faceted and much too often self-important universe of modern heavy metal with a disturbingly addictive collection of entirely new tracks. Expertly exploring a mind-boggling amount of entirely different metal subgenres on 10 hilarious anthems, Nanowar of Steel never ceases to amaze with an equally-impressive dose of intelligently fresh comedic delivery that'll have listeners rolling with laughter, and undeniable songwriting skill that'll have their fellow genre-mates scheduling more practice sessions. Dislike To False Metal is beyond a comedy album - it's a disconcertingly masterful showcase of above-the-bar musicianship, creative lyricism and boundless imagination.


Nanowar of Steel - Dislike To False Metal
Nanowar of Steel - Dislike To False Metal

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