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Motorhead - Live In Athens

Live In Athens

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Motorhead, not just another band, but a genre!!! The legendary Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers Motorhead first came to Greece in March 1988 for 3 gigs in Athens with arguably one of their best ever line-ups. FM Records originally distributed "No Sleep At All" in Greece later that year and the first edition included this rare 7-inch as a bonus, for Greece only, featuring 2 tracks from the Athenian shows recorded at the Sporting Stadium. The 2 tracks chosen were "Orgasmatron" and "Acropolis". "Acropolis" is the track "Metropolis", renamed by Lemmy every time they played in Greece, as a tribute to their Greek fans, the most dedicated rock/metal fans in the world! The release of this 7-inch was a great project and came with the full backing and permission of Lemmy, who loved the idea and was one of the people most instrumental in making the original happen in 1988. We, at Sleaszy Rider Rec., are proud to re-release this old musical gem with our eternal respect and love to Motorhead!


Motorhead - Live In Athens
Motorhead - Live In Athens

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