Mononeon - Jelly Belly Dirty Somebody

Jelly Belly Dirty Somebody

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One of the most creative musicians today, even though he says... "I just be doing shiet mane!"... Mononeon is always searching for what else he can do with his music. His songwriting and singing is quirky, experimental and definitely funky. What is admirable about Mononeon is how free he is with his music, either working on albums like "Supermane" with producer and songwriting collaborator Davy Nathan or sitting in his bedroom alone creating whimsical albums like "Jelly Belly Dirty Somebody". Mononeon goes whatever he wants with his creations. For an example... one of the songs on the album called "The Answer Is In The Pyramid (Turn It Upside Down)" is inspired by the 'Gluten Free Ebola' South Park episode... and Mononeon's guitar solo in the bridge on that particular song is stanky. The Quilted One's use of microtonal harmony is intuitive and uncanny... like in the song "Three Bears", using his quarter-tone bass and DX7ii synth. The Dada spirit lives in Mononeon's funky soul.


Mononeon - Jelly Belly Dirty Somebody
Mononeon - Jelly Belly Dirty Somebody

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