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Mock & Toof - K-Choppers


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The first in line for the new Death from Abroad imprint, Mock & Toof have firmly established themselves as a name to watch in 2007. So far this year, the London-based producers have been responsible for the mighty Black Jub on Tiny Sticks, the Digits re-edit 12-inch for Rvng Intl and Zomby for Japan's Mule Musiq. Not to mention a selection of killer remixes for the likes of the Scissor Sisters, Maps, Gomma, Rebirth, and Supersoul. They initially drew attention last year with their remixes of the Juan Maclean and Hot Chip on DFA Records, plus an inspired re-edit of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' (entitled 'Lycra Virgin').


Mock & Toof - K-Choppers
Mock & Toof - K-Choppers

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