Mike Miz - Only Human

Only Human

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After years as a regular fixture on the Northeast jam scene, Mike Miz found just what he was seeking, when he moved to Nashville three years ago, in pursuit of the highest level of song-craft and guitar playing. Hailing from Northeast Pennsylvania, Mike spent the better part of the last decade playing festivals, clubs, and songwriter joints from Philadelphia to Asbury Park to NYC. Shortly after his arrival to the Nashville scene, Mike's unique talent garnered the attraction of industry pillars, Ted Pecchio, Laur Joamets, Jon Radford and engineer/producer Brook Sutton, who assembled a top-notch band around Mike. This collaboration resulted in the recording of 11 new, original songs tracked live to tape in three days at the Wood Brother's studio in West Nashville. The new album, Only Human tells the story of a 15-year battle with heroin addiction, love lost, years wasted, troubles with the law and more! Only Human exemplifies the serendipitous result of a talented artist connecting with the right producer and players to amplify his art and create a work that is so much more than the sum of it's parts. Mike's new album is a songwriter's champion and an audiophile's delight. At times desperate and dark, Only Human is true to it's title, proving through it's mere existence that hope can persist, and that our struggles and setbacks are part, but not the whole, of our story.


Mike Miz - Only Human
Mike Miz - Only Human

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