Marillion - Seasons End

Seasons End

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Five vinyl LP set. Packed full of bonus content, the album has had a fresh 2023 stereo remix by Mike Hunter, alongside a new documentary, liner notes by Rich Wilson, and brand-new artwork. Originally released in 1989, 'Season's End' was Marillion's fifth studio album and first with Steve Hogarth fronting the band, following the departure of former frontman Fish, spanning three singles; 'Hooks In You', 'The Uninvited Guest' and 'Easter'. The 2023 deluxe edition has taken on another new approach, which took some of the original artwork elements without the need for older logos and imagery - presented in a slightly different form. Based around the four main elements of Earth, air, fire & water, from the original cover concept, the rectangular panels became triangular as these elements are often depicted in symbology.


Marillion - Seasons End
Marillion - Seasons End

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