Maisie Peters - The Good Witch [Snake Bite Red]

Maisie Peters
Maisie Peters' No. 2 BRIT Breakthrough certified debut album, 'You Signed Up For This', finds its successor in 'The Good Witch'. Inspired by Joan Didion, J. M. Barrie, Greek mythology, and Western movies, this album is an introspective and self-reflective foray into romantic breakups, friendship, and self-worth. Written during her 2022 tour, 'The Good Witch' is the older and wiser counterpart, showcasing a newfound confidence, sharper storytelling, and greater artistic ambition. Produced by Oscar Gorres, Two Inch Punch, Matias Tellez, Brad Ellis, Joe Rubel, and Elvira Anderfjärd, the record was created in London, Suffolk, Stockholm, Bergen, and LA.