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Madvillain, Madlib & MF DOOM


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The ultimate 'villains' – Madlib & MF DOOM joined forces on their groundbreaking project: Madvillain. Their album 'Madvillainy' remains a classic to this day – an union of two comic book-like underground hip-hop artists from the early 2000s. Renowned for their mesmerizing soundscapes, lyrical prowess, and eccentric personalities, Madlib and Doom devised a unique approach for this album: Madlib focused on crafting the beats while DOOM took charge of the lyrics.

As heard on standout singles, "America's Most Blunted" and "All Caps", Madlib's inventive production leans towards the jazzy side of his repertoire, while DOOM's verses are outrageously clever, reminiscent of his solo work and his earlier contributions as Zevlove X in K.M.D.

MADVILLAINY doesn't strive for flashy or glamorous aesthetics. It presents hip-hop in its unadulterated form, staying true to the genre's essence and origins. Vinyl LP pressing.


Madvillain, Madlib & MF DOOM - Madvillainy

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