Leith Ross - To Learn

To Learn

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Experience the tender reflections of Leith Ross in their latest album, "To Learn," available on vinyl. Known for their heartfelt lyricism and gentle guitar work, the Canadian singer-songwriter captures the essence of intimate storytelling through standout singles like "We'll Never Have Sex" and "(You) On My Arm." Released in May 2023, this album weaves personal narratives with universal emotions, creating a resonant collection that invites listeners to delve into Ross's musings on love and life.

"To Learn" showcases Ross’s evolution as an artist, blending melancholic melodies with poignant lyrics. Each track serves as a chapter in a diary, offering a window into the struggles and growth that define the human experience. This vinyl release not only provides the warmth and richness of Ross's compositions but also solidifies their place in the contemporary folk scene, making it a significant addition to any music enthusiast's collection


Leith Ross - To Learn
Leith Ross - To Learn

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