Kicksie - Slouch


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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Kicksie-the project of Toronto 22-year old Giuliana Mormile (she/they)-began with rapid-fire Bandcamp uploads in early 2018. Since then, their warm, incisive brand of electro-tinged emo-pop has evolved and blossomed while still orbiting around Giuliana's base layers of brazen honesty and melodic magic tricks. Giuliana's also been self-recording each release via her home studio Bedhead Records, emerging each time having yet again pivoted Kicksie's sound into fresh territory. Slouch, Kicksie's first release on Counter Intuitive, arrives as the fullest realization of a sound developed through prolific years of self-releases. Instantly memorable melodies, big hooks, pointed lyrics, intricate guitar work, and dense layers of sound, all bolstered by Giuliana's top notch production.


Kicksie - Slouch
Kicksie - Slouch

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