Jose Afonso - Coro Dos Tribunais

Coro Dos Tribunais

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First album by José Afonso recorded and published after the 25th of April, "Coro dos Tribunais" is a truly timeless record, yet another tour-de-force that clearly demonstrates that musical experimentation, the crossover approach between Portugal and Africa, as well as the themes lyrical lines of intervention and humanism that José Afonso had already accustomed us to. Engraved on London with Fausto Bordalo Dias, Vitorino, Carlos Alberto Moniz, Adriano Correia de Oliveira, José Niza, Yório Gonçalves and Michel Delaporte, the disc is composed entirely of themes written before the 25th of April, as if José Afonso had not felt the need to comment on current events but to continue, always timelessly, to wait a better future. Almost 50 years later, the album is more relevant than ever and continues to demonstrate precisely that genial timelessness, which makes it more current than ever.


Jose Afonso - Coro Dos Tribunais
Jose Afonso - Coro Dos Tribunais

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