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Jello Biafra - Sieg Howdy

Sieg Howdy

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Vinyl LP. Few punk acts from the '70s are still going strong, but Jello Biafra is an unstopable force of nature. A liberal satirist at heart, this former front man for The Dead Kennedys raises holy Hell with the policies of George W. Bush, California's "Governator" and the corporate sellout of America. Witty and often hilarious, Jello teams with the band The Melvins for their second album together. 2005's "Sieg Howdy!," cuts deep with songs such as "Kali-Fornia Über Alles 21st Century (Live)," "The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism," "Voted off the Island" and more.


Jello Biafra - Sieg Howdy
Jello Biafra - Sieg Howdy

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