Ivan Neville - Touch My Soul

Touch My Soul

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180 Gram Black Vinyl. As a standard bearer for the musical culture of New Orleans, Ivan Neville takes his anointing as seriously as the swamp water that courses through his veins. From the ferocious funk he makes with his bandmates in the dynamic Dumpstaphunk to his high- profile gigs with Keith Richards and Bonnie Raitt, he embodies the irrepressible spirit of New Orleans. Touch My Soul - Ivan's first solo album in almost 20 years - is tough-minded but also tender, filled with joy, beauty and pain. It exudes an unmistakable New Orleans ambience and breathes new life into his singular sound. It's both a love letter to the Crescent City and a celebration of his emotional and spiritual journey as an artist, a father and a man.


Ivan Neville - Touch My Soul
Ivan Neville - Touch My Soul

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