Him Lo & Giallo Point - Cubanz And Cognac

Cubanz And Cognac

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Once again HIM LO DA INAPPROPRIATE of DA BUZE BRUVAZ returns with his 7th solo release which is also his 4th collaboration project with the high exalted production wizard GIALLO POINT. HIM LO and GIALLO are collectively known as the "COGNAC KINGZ". Their newest masterpiece is entitled "CUBANZ N COGNAC". It's laced with 13 brand new bangers crafted from pure fire and brimstone. Features are limited to his Buze Bruvaz CLEVER ONE and the super sharp rawness of the NO RULES CLAN straight outta COLOMBIA. The COGNAC KINGZ are a powerful blend of gritty, electrifying, veteran rhyming mixed with devastating, earth shattering beats. The heat they provide feels like it's all emanating straight from a mudpit located outside a dungeon on the southside of hell. Mark your calendars, light your cigarz, sip the cognac and prepare your ears for another classic from the Kingz!


Him Lo & Giallo Point - Cubanz And Cognac
Him Lo & Giallo Point - Cubanz And Cognac

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