Haliphron - Prey - Brown

Prey - Brown

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Dutch band Haliphron was formed in 2021 with ex and active  members of Izegrim, God Dethroned and Bleeding Gods.  Such exquisite melting pot of musicians have known each other for many years, played and toured together,   and built up a solid friendship with the same passion and  dedication. The main musical concept was to create a bombastic and powerful extreme metal sound not frequent in the band's native country. While being a sonic  departure from their current or previous bands, Haliphron are not pretending a new stylistic reinvention but persuasively deliver their music with a sense of convincing melodies,  catchiness, and energy.  'Prey' admittedly is a very strong, dark and epic, qualitative debut album,. The band comments on the album concept: "    'Prey' is all about being a hunter - or from another  perspective - the one that is being hunted. You can either be the  prey, or be the one that is on the search for their next victim /  prey. Our artwork is inspired on a mythological creature from the  darkest depths of the ocean, based on one of our songs 'Unidentified  Mass'. The song 'Prey' Inspiration  comes from a poem written in 1932 by Mary Elizabeth Frye with  the first famous line "Do not  stand at my grave and  weep". This  song is about a youngster, who is bullied so severly that he sees no  other way than to commit suicide. After  the suicide, his spirit is free and the roles are reversed. He is the  one that can hunt now, and seeks revenge.  The  bully becomes the prey and he is forever haunted.  Musically  this is one of our most intense songs; with an epic piano intro,  searing vocals, multiple guitar solos as well as a  mesmerizing speech  of the poem by our vocalist Marloes. 'Perfect Existence' deals about being a cult leader with devoted followers spiritually sensing that their time on earth has been completed and by ending  their lives they will rise up to the new world, to their perfect existence.  How  would the leader guide his followers through the transition from this  world  to be reborn into a new universe?..   ". Certainly, Haliphron lyrical themes always seem to be associated with their captivating, dominant and enthralling wall of sound. In spite of the fact that Haliphron are newcomers, the band has already been booked at Copenhell fest in Denmark in 2023 and Haliphron 's future looks very exciting indeed.  ' Prey' was mixed and  mastered by Mendel bij de Leij at  MBDL  Productions (Severe Torture, For I am King...) Artwork  by Dimitris Tzortzis    of Immensa Artis Band photos by :  All photos by Stefan Schipper and Sonja Schuringa For Fans of  : ARCH ENEMY, LOANA SHORE, CHILDREN OF BODOM, DIMMU BORGIR, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST


Haliphron - Prey - Brown
Haliphron - Prey - Brown

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