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Gavin Russom

Track Five

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Twelve inch vinyl pressing. If the music of Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom is cinematic in it's essence, the way their songs unfold into soundscapes and conjure up serene images, it's because the visual is inextricable to their work, whatever form it takes. The two artists-previous collaborators on magic shows, sculptures, performance pieces, modern dance and, yes, films-initially began making music to score their own video creations, so it follows that the compositions they've since created are both sonically and visually expressive, bringing to mind moving pictures and static images. In 2005, Gonzalez and Russom released the Days of Mars, an album inspired by "everything from Alice Coltrane to acid-house, Santeria ritual music to the kosmische side of krautrock," and filled with warm, spacey, almost tactile music from Russom's self-built analog synthesizers. The album's four songs sounded not unlike a soundtrack for an imagined film.


Gavin Russom - Track Five

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