Endo Monk - Gort


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Gort is the second double album by Endo Monk. The artist behind this project, however, is no stranger. Frank Schnütgen aka Hans Solo from Äi-Tiem has been known in the rap scene since 1991 for his experimental electro beats. With this album he continues his path, because Endo Monk's roots lie in the field of analogue and modular synthesizers, long before his career as Äi-Tiem frontman and Äi-Tiem frontman and solo artist. Endo Monk, who also produces all his own videos and likes to act as a VJ in addition to analogue live sessions, will provide a few more surprises in the further course of 2023, whereby there will always be cross-genre and cross-scene events. This is also an integral part of the new Endo Monk universe.


Endo Monk - Gort
Endo Monk - Gort

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