Eagle-Eye Cherry - Back On Track

Back On Track

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2023 release. The music from his teenage years rekindled Eagle-Eye Cherry's energy when he sat down to write his sixth studio album, Back on Track. In these past couple of years during which the entire world has felt lost, Eagle-Eye Cherry started to question his profession. He saw health care workers struggle with something that really mattered and wondered what his own role was. At the same time, however, he missed getting to share the live experience of music with other people and came to the conclusion that what he does is indeed important. Hence the title of his sixth studio album: Back on Track. Many of the songs were recorded right before the pandemic escalated, but when the process was delayed, more songs came to life. When Eagle-Eye spent most of his time at home and had time to elevate his cooking skills, he once again started listening to the music he used to love when he was a teenager and got into buying records of his own: Talking Heads (his family's neighbors on Long Island during the 1980s), Blondie, The Clash, Modern Lovers. The influences might not be obvious, but there was something about the energy that Eagle-Eye found incredibly inspiring.


Eagle-Eye Cherry - Back On Track
Eagle-Eye Cherry - Back On Track

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