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Dylan Earl

I Saw the Arkansas

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Released 2023. 140 gram black vinyl. "I Saw the Arkansas" is the 3rd LP from Arkansas country troubadour Dylan Earl. Using a sonic blend of 90s neotraditional country, contemporary southern rock, and traditional folk, Dearl recalls the many wacky stories, close encounters with the law, dizzying romances and endless highways of this season of his life. Juxtaposed, but perhaps not entirely in opposition, he describes the calm yet wild beauty of the Natural State, the inspiration and contemplation he draws from his home. Wielding a smooth baritone and a curious mind, Dearl tells his story earnestly, and not without laughing at himself a little bit along the way. Timeless in it's unique combination of elements, with nods to iconic country greats like Randy Travis, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings, "I Saw The Arkansas" is all at once a tender, rambunctious, and ultimately classic listening experience.


Dylan Earl - I Saw the Arkansas

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