Dropkick Murphys - Okemah Rising

Okemah Rising

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2023 release. Dropkick Murphys' longstanding connection with Woody Guthrie stretches back several decades, embracing covers like "Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight" from their 2003 album 'Blackout' and drawing inspiration from Guthrie's Boston-centric writings for their timeless anthem "I'm Shipping Up To Boston." In their recent 2022 release, 'This Machine Still Kills Fascists,' the band crafts an entire record around the legendary American folk icon, infusing his timeless critiques on life, hailing from the 1940s and '50s, with a contemporary relevance that resonates in today's world. Now, with 'Okemah Rising,' the second and final chapter of this collaboration, Dropkick Murphys raise the roof with a spirited celebration. While the primary aim of 'This Machine Still Kills Fascists' was to raise awareness, 'Okemah Rising' intends to ignite a party atmosphere. Although it may feature a couple of tender moments, it primarily serves as a joyous gathering. However, even within a party record, a message persists, and as the band performs "Gotta Get to Peekskill" and "I Know How It Feels" worldwide, the audience's resounding participation in singing along to Guthrie's words echoes his unwavering defense of the working class, his battle against social injustices, and his condemnation of political power abuse. As long as Dropkick Murphys continue to champion his cause, Woody Guthrie's message will forever reverberate.


Dropkick Murphys - Okemah Rising
Dropkick Murphys - Okemah Rising

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