Donna Summer - I'm A Rainbow: Recovered & Recoloured [Blue 2LP]

Donna Summer
Double 180gm translucent blue colored vinyl LP pressing. It's September 1981 and it's matter of weeks away from the release of I'm A Rainbow, the second album Donna Summer had recorded for Geffen Records, which had also been produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. At the time that the album was being recorded, the musical landscape had changed and production techniques were developing further. Geffen also wanted a more R&B-influenced album, despite the album having a more R&B feel than The Wanderer had done. The songs and their lyrical content were very strong and Donna's voice had never sounded better, which was always a tough comparison against previous albums. A decision was taken by the label to withdraw I'm A Rainbow just prior to it's release. David Geffen then brought in Quincy Jones to produce the next new album; 1982's Donna Summer. I'm A Rainbow was eventually issued in 1996. Fast-forward 40 years and I'm A Rainbow receives a fresh coat of paint, giving credence to the songs' great lyrics and compositions that they richly deserved at the time. I'm A Rainbow - Recovered & Recoloured has been slimmed-down to a compact 10-track album and completely re-imagined by a host of international producers.