deem spencer - Adultsw!m - Navy

Adultsw!m - Navy

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Being an artist has allowed me, in a sense, to take my time growing up. Artistic process allows me to take as much time as I need thinking and processing life and releasing. The validation I feel from having an attentive audience encourages me to be more and more vulnerable with each release. On my last project I reached into my childhood for inspiration and my stories were received warmly. On this album I felt enabled to be vulnerable about this compounded feeling of uncertainty brought on by having to grow up and live through unprecedented times. I contemplated long about the life and legacy I'm building and the future of the world, ultimately accepting that it's all at the mercy of fate. The album art by Beatriz Whitehill symbolizes that very poetically.


deem spencer - Adultsw!m - Navy
deem spencer - Adultsw!m - Navy

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