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Dark Sanctuary - Iterum


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Avantgarde Music welcomes Dark Sanctuary into the family once again with Iterum, a brand new EP from the French neoclassical ensemble. "After twelve years of silence, we are more than pleased to come back with a brand new EP, Iterum, reviving the melancholy and dark atmospheres that have been our signature since our debut. We are so happy, after all these years, to have been able to revive this alchemy and to present you very soon our new compositions. It's been a long time and we missed making music together. The idea had crossed our minds several times but maybe the time was not right... We have now decided to go back to work to enjoy ourselves and we hope with all our heart that it will please those who have followed us during all these years". It is truly surprising, over a decade later, to witness Dark Sanctuary notorious alchemy made of stunning vocal textures, neo-classical and acoustic sounds. Iterum is now released digitally, but the essence of a band who has taken the first and most important steps in the late 90's / mid 00's cannot do without a physical release, so we are releasing it in early 2022 as a vinyl/cd in a joint formats release with an additional track not included in the digital version. Iterum will be available as white 10' LP, including a CD listening copy, and will be limited to 500 pieces. Shipping will start around February 18th, 2022.


Dark Sanctuary - Iterum
Dark Sanctuary - Iterum

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