Dampe - Glow


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London based imprint High Praise are proud to announce the last addition to their roster. Having released a slew of heralded 12's on Capitol K's Faith And Industry Records, Darker Than Wax & XVI Records, London based producer & sound designer Dampe prepares to release his expansive and head-spinning new 12' 'Glow'. With previous support coming from the likes of Tom Ravenscroft, Dummy, Bandcamp, Boiler Room, Mixmag, DJ Mag and Keep Hush, Dampe showcases why he's making a name for himself as one to watch in the UK's vibrant Electronic music scene. Opening with the hypnotic arpeggio of title track 'Glow', the EP launches headfirst into a spinning world of driving rhythms and grainy synth textures. 'Ravey Emo Tool (Like Me)' provides a welcome moment of cloud parting serenity. 'Twenty Two Savanna' utilizes twisting, contorted breakbeats colliding against trance-like euphoria inducing synth patterns and shuttered vocals. On the flip, second single 'Clay' brings a dose of 2-step bounce to the proceedings, with an off-kilter but rock-steady groove. Atmosphere builds steadily as the gated notes and industrial effects of 'Through The C10' spill out of the speakers, before 'King Tide' brings the 12' to a powerful close with it's rippling keys and avalanching waves of low end pressure. A truly impressive offering with incredible attention to detail.


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