Courettes - Boom Dynamite

Boom Dynamite

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Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing. Described as The Ronettes meet The Ramones at a wild party at Gold Star Studios echo chamber, The Courettes have released four fantastic albums on the legendary label Damaged Goods Records, each one praised by magazines such as MOJO and Shindig!, most notably the Back In Mono album in 2021, a true milestone in their career. This compilation, Boom! Dynamite, released exclusively for the US market, guides you through their albums from the very beginning, from the early raw power garage rock onto their present Spector/Levine Wall of Sound Gold Star sound, made using complex recording techniques at StarrSound Studios in Denmark with top producer Søren Christensen and mixing genius Seiki Sato from Japan.


Courettes - Boom Dynamite
Courettes - Boom Dynamite

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