Brothertiger - Brothertiger (Tangerine Galaxy)

Brothertiger (Tangerine Galaxy)

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TANGERINE GALAXY Vinyl. The culmination of 2 years of singles featuring collaborations with Underoath's Spencer Chamberlain and guitar virtuoso Yvette Young (Covet). Blending '90's-inspired city pop with his original take on electronic music, Brothertiger's new album defies genre and harkens back to the sounds of his childhood. Using a variety of rackmounted synths from the '90's to build a bed of ethereal rhythms, Brothertiger prefers the weird and wild over the tried and true for his self-titled magnum opus.


Brothertiger - Brothertiger (Tangerine Galaxy)
Brothertiger - Brothertiger (Tangerine Galaxy)

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