Bobby Womack - Save the Children

Save the Children

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'Save The Children' was Bobby Womack's only release for Dick Griffey's Solar Records. Produced by Womack, Keg Johnson, Cecil and Kevin Womack and keyboard player Frank Hamilton, this was a fine attempt to straddle both Bobby's 60s soul-based and pop, while reflecting the influences of late 80s hip hop. · Highlights include the snappy 'Baby I'm Back', 'She's My Girl' and 'Now We're Together' but it's on 'Too Close For Comfort', a ballad co-written with HT Payne, that Womack comes closest to rekindling the kind of sound found on some of the best-known tracks. · The title track (not to be confused with similarly named songs by Marvin Gaye and The Intruders) reached the US R&B charts in late 1989. Of special note is the title track of Eddie Murphy's 1985 album, 'How Could It Be', redone as the socially conscious 'How Can It Be'. · Finally available again on LP, this hidden gem is a reminder of the greatness of one of R&B and Soul's finest singers, songwriters and performers.


Bobby Womack - Save the Children
Bobby Womack - Save the Children

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