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Paramore Starter Pack

Paramore Starter Pack


Here's a vinyl bundle that will start a riot in you! From their angsty pop-punk beginnings ('All We Know Is Falling' & 'Riot!') to the killer albums ('After Laughter' & 'This Is Why') famously featuring the same line-up (hello Taylor, Hayley & Zac!) for the first time, Paramore is the gift that keeps on giving. Think you can headbang harder than Hayley Williams? Prove it!

  1. UPC: 075678645679 - Riot! (FBR's 25th Anniversary Edition) [Silver]
  2. UPC: 075678635526 - This Is Why
  3. UPC: 075678660924 - After Laughter
  4. UPC: 075678645631 - All We Know Is Falling (FBR's 25th Anniversary Edition) [Silver] 


Paramore Starter Pack
Paramore Starter Pack

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