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Daft Punk Starter Pack

Daft Punk Starter Pack


They're your fave French space robots and they are ours too. Enter: the legendary Daft Punk. The ultimate electronic experience awaits you with this bundle featuring the futuristic beats of 'Random Access Memories', the intergalactic grooves of 'Discovery', the groundbreaking sounds of 'Homework', and the sci-fi magic of 'Tron: Legacy'. Daft Punk isn't just a duo – they're a sonic revolution, with hits like "Get Lucky", "One More Time", and "Around the World" teleporting listeners to dancefloor utopias. 

  1. UPC: 190296611926 - Homework [2LP]
  2. UPC: 050087239855 - Tron: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2LP]
  3. UPC: 196587737313 - Random Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition) [3LP]
  4. UPC: 190296617164 - Discovery


Daft Punk Starter Pack
Daft Punk Starter Pack

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