Angus & Julia Stone - Cape Forestier [Gold]

Cape Forestier [Gold]

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Angus & Julia Stone's sixth studio album, "Cape Forestier," pressed on pristine gold vinyl, offers a narrative-rich auditory experience, harking back to the acoustic rawness of their early work while reflecting their growth as artists. This multi-platinum, multiple ARIA and APRA award-winning duo, weaves a tapestry of emotional and thoughtful tracks. The album's lead single "Somehow," a poignant tale of unrequited love, showcases their refined songwriting and emotive storytelling, reminiscent of their earlier successes.

"Cape Forestier" stands out not just for its beautiful compositions but also for its thematic depth. Songs like "My Little Anchor" and "Down to the Sea" delve into personal reflections and societal observations. Each track adds a unique story to the album, described by the Stones as a "chapter in the ever-unfolding book about the road we're traveling together." This collection of textured recordings captures the essence of Angus and Julia's journey, making the vinyl edition a collectible for fans and audiophiles alike.


Angus & Julia Stone - Cape Forestier [Gold]
Angus & Julia Stone - Cape Forestier [Gold]

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