Andre Carvalho - Lost in Translation

Andre Carvalho
Double vinyl LP pressing. It's unquestionable that music is a language and curiously an universal one. It's this link between language and music, unique words and unique musical moments that "Lost in Translation" explores. The relentless search for new sounds has led Carvalho to discover and explore musical areas such as improvised music, experimental music and contemporary classical music. The trio, formed by José Soares (saxophone) and André Matos (guitar), recorded it's debut album in December with the support of Antena2, Fundação GDA, Companhia de Actores and Teatro Municipal Amélia Rey Colaço. With such distinct instrumentation, the group explores Carvalho's compositions with an open approach, using textures, sounds and dynamics as a vehicle to convey an aural representation of each untranslatable word.