Altar of Plagues - Trilogy


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The Altar of Plagues Trilogy vinyl boxset, Profound Lore's 300th release, sees the three landmark Altar of Plagues full-length albums, White Tomb, Mammal, and Teethed Glory And Injury, re-issued with new artwork and design, presented in a collectors boxset. The limited edition vinyl boxset contains five records total, each in their own sleeve, all re-mastered for vinyl from the original mixes, with White Tomb being a single LP and Mammal and Teethed Glory And Injury each a double LP respectively. This also marks the first time Profound Lore has actually pressed Mammal on vinyl format. "It's harsh; it's menacing; it's bleak; it is one miserable, death-obsessed, vicious piece of work..." - Pop Matters, on Mammal "It suggests the heyday of Touch and Go, Nine Inch Nails in their prime, or Swans at their vitrolic apex." - Pitchfork, on Teethed Glory And Injury


Altar of Plagues - Trilogy
Altar of Plagues - Trilogy

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