All I Want Is Your Love

All I Want Is Your Love

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The beginning of 2020 has seen the release of the new Alex Puddu full-length record, "Discotheque", a strong set of soulful and melodic tracks with a tight production that brings you back to the late '70s and early '80s jazz-funk and boogie music scene. Apart from the 10 tracks of the official album, some extra material had been produced, and "All I Want Is Your Love" is an unreleased track coming straight from those recording sessions. The song was originally written by Alex Puddu, with the collaboration of Rodney Stith, who wrote the lyrics and sang on it. Stith is a very talented American soul vocalist from Petersburg (Virginia, USA), with a vocal style that reminds of Bobby Womack and The Temptations' David Ruffin. "All I Want Is Your Love" is an up-tempo R&B ballad with a strong hook-line and catchy chorus, and we felt it was great enough to deserve a special 7-inch release. As a B-side, you'll find the full version of "Don't Hold Back", a record launch single that's become a hit especially among UK radio stations.


All I Want Is Your Love
All I Want Is Your Love

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