Twenty One Pilots - Clancy


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Immerse yourself in the audacious soundscapes of Twenty One Pilots' latest album, "Clancy," now available on vinyl. This eagerly awaited release marks the band's first studio album in three years, following the success of "Scaled And Icy." Known for their dynamic blend of genres and profound lyrical themes, "Clancy" is co-produced by Tyler Joseph and Paul Meany and is celebrated as the final chapter of a narrative arc that began with their 2015 multi-Platinum album, "Blurryface." This new album not only continues to push musical boundaries but also commemorates the ninth anniversary of "Blurryface," linking past and present in a full-circle release.

"Clancy" arrives as a pivotal addition to Twenty One Pilots’ discography, promising a vinyl experience filled with rich, textured sounds and storytelling that has captivated fans worldwide. With over 33 billion streams and millions of concert tickets sold globally, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have solidified their status as icons of this generation's music. The album’s release is perfectly timed to resonate with both long-time followers and new listeners, offering a mix of nostalgia and innovation that is quintessentially Twenty One Pilots.


Twenty One Pilots - Clancy
Twenty One Pilots - Clancy

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