The Weeknd

House of Balloons [2LP]

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Double vinyl LP pressing. The Weeknd's mixtape 'House of Balloons' marked a groundbreaking moment in R&B music. Released in 2011, the album introduced the world to The Weeknd's seductive and dark sound, combining ethereal production with haunting lyrics. 'House of Balloons' explores themes of lust, addiction, and the allure of the nightlife, showcasing The Weeknd's enigmatic persona. The mixtape's atmospheric production, blending elements of alternative R&B, electronic, and hip-hop, created a unique sonic landscape that resonated with audiences. The album's eclectic music uses samples of songs by Beach House and Aaliyah's 2001 song "Rock the Boat". The title track heavily samples Siouxsie and the Banshees' 1980 single "Happy House". The track "The Knowing" samples "Cherry Colored Funk" by Cocteau Twins. 'House of Balloons' not only launched The Weeknd's career but also influenced the contemporary R&B landscape, inspiring a wave of artists to explore unconventional and introspective sounds.


The Weeknd - House of Balloons [2LP]

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