Songs From the Ancient Age

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"Spindrift is dangling a switchblade in your face with Songs From The Ancient Age. From the dusty goth swagger of "Red Reflection" to the dangerous acid nightmares of songs like "Oblivious" and "Diamonds," this collection documents Spindrift's 1999-2004 transition from East Coast sonic provocateurs to LA psych specters, proving in the process that they have been-and continue to be-a true force to be reckoned with. Across many of the tracks on this compilation, the band ignites with skulking guitars, claustrophobic drumming and menacing, exaggerated vocals, like some sort of acid-fueled Cramps/B-52's jam session. It's a highly original sound, but not one for the faint of hear Elsewhere on the album, there's twisted vampiric disco funk ("Want Me"), sludgy effects-filled bad trips ("Adavan/Diazapan") and even a grimy strung-out reinvention of "Some Velvet Morning" that'll haunt you for days." Record Crates United This 140 gram 12" is pressed on whiskey and bloodcolored vinyl.


Spindrift - Songs From the Ancient Age

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