Queen - Queen Rock Montreal [3LP]

Queen Rock Montreal [3LP]

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Step back into the electrifying energy of Queen's 1981 performance with the "Queen Rock Montreal" vinyl. This live recording captures the iconic rock band at the peak of their powers at the Montreal Forum, featuring a 28-track setlist that spans their greatest hits and fan favorites. From the dynamic "Keep Yourself Alive" to the intense "Sheer Heart Attack," this album showcases the band's musical breadth and Freddie Mercury’s unforgettable stage presence. Notably, it includes exclusive tracks like "Flash" and "The Hero," making this limited edition 3 piece vinyl a treasure for both new listeners and long-time fans.

"Queen Rock Montreal" is more than just a live album; it’s a historical artifact that offers a snapshot of Queen during one of their most vibrant tours. Pressed on high-quality vinyl, this release provides a pristine listening experience, inviting fans to experience the raw, unfiltered sound of a band that has left a permanent mark on the rock landscape. This vinyl release is a must-have, not only for its auditory experience but also as a collector’s item, celebrating the legacy of one of rock’s most legendary acts.


Queen - Queen Rock Montreal [3LP]
Queen - Queen Rock Montreal [3LP]

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