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Professor Black - Lvpvs (grey Vinyl)

Lvpvs (grey Vinyl)

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Limited gray vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. There is just no stopping Chris The Professor Black. With High Spirits and Dawnbringer he has created some of the best and most unconventional heavy metal music around today. LVPVS may well be the most unusual of the three solo albums. What's the exact concept behind it? Four extremely long songs. It's quite ambient, of course instrumental, some old prog influences, sometimes reduced, bleak, doomy, dream-like... Very eclectic stuff for sure... Chris Black agrees: "I think your description is working fine. It is honestly hard to remember what my initial motivations were with LVPVS, since it was a long time ago. I remember wanting to experiment with repetition. I guess more importantly, when I returned to those tracks in 2017, I liked that there was a certain musical distance. With High Spirits, I am standing right in front of you, singing into your face. With LVPVS, I am standing farther away, using larger and less intricate shapes."


Professor Black - Lvpvs (grey Vinyl)
Professor Black - Lvpvs (grey Vinyl)

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