Party Dozen - Pray For Party Dozen

Pray For Party Dozen

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Australian out-rock duo, Party Dozen, return with their second album Pray For Party Dozen in May 2020. Once again self-producing, tracks like the eponymous "Party Dozen" act as a bridge from their debut album, The Living Man, where evil sample loops build the foundations upon which the duo erect a brand new temple of irreverence. Elsewhere, they flirt with electro-Krautrock ("Auto Loser"), stoner-psych ("The Great Ape") and ambient-industrial ("Scheiße Kunst"). It still sounds like Party Dozen, but somehow louder; more hushed; even wilder. Plus there are two songs with lyrics. It's smart enough to make you move and dumb enough to make you think. But it's not greater than the sum of it's parts. There are no parts - there is only Party Dozen.


Party Dozen - Pray For Party Dozen
Party Dozen - Pray For Party Dozen

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