Motohiko Hino - Flying Clouds

Flying Clouds

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Three Blind Mice's treasured sound source is now revived and will be released on LP!! Motohiko Hino Quartet +2 'Flying Clouds' recorded in 1976 at '5 Days in Jazz 1976' at Yamaha Hall, Tokyo on 27th May 1976. Recording members including Yuji Imamura added as sextet did a great & heated performance, 3 months later after the recording of his well-known title 'Ryuhyo' in Nemuro, Hokkaido. Motohiko Hino drums Masafumi Yamaguchi tenor saxophone Yasuaki Shimizu tenor saxophone Kazumi Watanabe guitar Nobuyoshi Ino bass Yuji Imamura percussion May 27, 1976 Live at Yamaha Hall, Tokyo Supervised by Takeshi Fujii / Recorded & Mixed by Yoshihiko Kannari


Motohiko Hino - Flying Clouds
Motohiko Hino - Flying Clouds

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