Mister T - Synchronized Roots

Synchronized Roots

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Mister T., the renowned Greek purveyor of beats, returns to Cold Busted with Synchronized Roots, another fantastic album encompassing the many styles of the prolific producer. With a heavy dollop of funk providing the main ingredient, Mister T. deftly throws generous pinches of reggae, soul, hip hop, and electronica into his rhythmic concoctions. Previous releases have become heavyweight staples in the playlists of selectors worldwide, and Synchronized Roots is certain to arrive with equal acclaim. The album launches in a dub stylee with "Try Harder." blending reggae keyboard chops with dusty beats and infectious vocal snatches. The tape delay is put to good use, lending a classic cosmicness to the vibe. "Looking Above" continues on a dubby tip, delivering a more heady and smoked-out feel. Chunky guitar, bright keyboard lines, and an echoey saxophone accent the drum-heavy production. There's also "Basic Jam," demonstrating Mister T.'s fondness for genre collision. Boom bap beats bring the hip hop, the music bed delivers the funky R&B, and the vocal comes beamed in from Nigerian afrobeat. This combination has it's own special flavor, joining vintage roots to create something fresh and new. Throughout it's ten tracks, Synchronized Roots bonds sound with togetherness. Listen closely to the roots.


Mister T - Synchronized Roots
Mister T - Synchronized Roots

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