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Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue [Blue Marble]

Kind Of Blue [Blue Marble]

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UK Limited edition pressed on colored vinyl. Sony. 2018. Miles Davis' iconic album 'Kind of Blue' is a seminal masterpiece that redefined the possibilities of jazz. Released in 1959, the album is a landmark in modal jazz, characterized by its improvisational approach and a sense of freedom. 'Kind of Blue' features an all-star ensemble, including legendary musicians like John Coltrane and Bill Evans. The album's five tracks, including the timeless "So What" and "All Blues," showcase Davis' genius as a bandleader and his ability to create a tranquil and introspective atmosphere. 'Kind of Blue' remains one of the best-selling and most influential jazz albums of all time, continually inspiring generations of musicians and listeners alike.


Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue [Blue Marble]
Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue [Blue Marble]

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