Malphino - Sueno EP

Sueno EP

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London collective Malphino concoct a barnstorming brew of hypnotic South American rhythms and soundtrack their namesake fantasy island. Malphino are an outer-national, mystical band from an imaginary tropical island that has dreamt up a cinematic score and audio backdrop to their idyll. A promised land of hypnotic cumbia rhythms, subtle digital warbling, accordion textures, voodoo vapours and woodblock charm awaits the off-piste explorer willing to step through the arch and Visit Malphino. Malphino's forthcoming EP revisits the island that-time-forgot. Drenched in dreamy and hypnotic, Melodies and Tropical Afro Rhythms. The EP explores the realms of past heartbreaks and loss to adventures into new chapters of Life in the island's mythology. We dance into night fall to express our feelings and emotions.


Malphino - Sueno EP
Malphino - Sueno EP

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